Bitcoin Saturn 45 degree movement

Saturn 45 degree movement from the first trade day - the first crypto exchanger GOX listed bitcoin


In the time I am writing people are celebrating Bitcoin its 14th birthday from its Genesis Block mined on 3 Jan 2009. Some of us may also consider another important day should be celebrated, the first trade date that first exchanger listed its for public trade, 18 July 2010. It is really a good time to celebrate, as start from this date, bitcoin is no longer owned by miners or developers. Bitcoin can be owned by everyone. The value of Bitcoin, in literally, from no market, from zero value, to US$0.05 open price on 18 July 2017, increased by unlimited times in mathematical view.

The longer the time bitcoin alive in our world, the more data we get for analysis it. During my study I am amazed by the movement of Saturn in an occasional test. Every 45 degree movement, from the first day of Bitcoin listed, it make a serious top.


29 Nov 2013 high US$1241.92 Saturn moved 47 degree (18 days after exactly 45 degree)

17 Dec 2017 high US$19587.7 Saturn moved 90 degree (1 days after exactly 90 degree)

14 Apr 2021 high US$64830.5 Saturn moved 133 degree(Saturn stationary, Altcoin top 7 days before 133.5 degree the farthest point Saturn can reach)

And also if we count the first trade day is a high before that bitcoin has zero value for public:

17 July 2010 high US$0.09 Bitcoin become public kick off the zero to infinity.(0 degree )


Therefore, we have 4 pervious high records and all coherence to 45 degree movement of Saturn. The next 45 degree is 180 in May 2025.

To review the subjection of error, 29 Nov 2013, the 45 degree movement contributed around 1170 calendar day. The error of percentage by day count is 18/1171 days= 1.53%, which is quite astonished accurate. Needless to say 17 Dec 2017 is an exactly 90 degree day. But how about the 135 degree and the real top of the top in term of price is US$68501 on 10 Nov 2021? It break our assumption that 135 degree is a top.

It is always a mystery why double or triple top/low occur in cycle analysis. Markets often produce ambiguous shape which make cycle analysis hard to read. One of the explanation is, here I try to assume, planet Saturn is retrograding and stationary around the true top of May 2021. Take ETH and other major crypto as reference, their top are on 12 May 2021, not on April 2021. Saturn has moved 133 degree distance in Apr 2021 and it need to retrograde. It lost its momentum. At mid of May Saturn become totally stationery without momentum in Geocentric view, 133.5 degree is already the farthest degree Saturn can go. To be picky for accuracy, we take the farthest 133.5 degree as a target day 19 May 2021. Top occured 7 days before by major crypto currencies on 12 May. The total days of movement from 90 degree to 133.5 degree is 1249 days.(0.56% error).

By the way, if you carefully look into the chart above, 133 degree and 135 degree the exact date on 23 Apr 2021, 21 Jun 2021, and 24 Jan 2022. They are the essential date of a low, a turning point.



But the real top on 2021 is obviously 10 Nov 2021. Why not in Apr- May 2021? Here another data I feel helpful to do cycle analysis, the google trend of search engine data:

Keyword “Bitcoin” searching trend in google, data from Google Trend

This data is generated by Google Trend represented the word BITCOIN be searched around whole worldwide. The time Dec 2017 is the most hottest time people searched bitcoin on internet, the second high is May 2021, interesting not Nov 2021.

This trend is reflecting, the sentiment, the hot feeling, or in term of the energy, how the public keen on cryptocurrency. In the view of hot period, Dec 2017 of course the most addicted time people adhering bitcoin, and the second May 2021, however not the Nov 2021. When I saw this trend on Oct and Nov 2021 was not strong as May 2021 but price was higher than May, I had a bad feeling of a real drop would be following us…

May 2025 would be the next 180 degree. In conclude, it would be a real top. However, Saturn is the same situation going retrograding period around the 180 degree, therefore making three exact 180 degree days, which is May 2025, Sept 2025 and Feb 2026.


Experts predict that the next Bitcoin halving event will take place around March 18, 2024. The Bitcoin halving event in historically proved that price will rise for at least more than one year then peak reach. Stay alert on around mid of 2025. But which month is really the top? I am trying my best to figure out…

Bitcoin halving will take place around March 18, 2024, I assume as if the previous situation one year or more price rising before touch a new peak.