Sunspot Rate and Market Reaction

Sunspot numbers recorded from SPACE WEATHER PREDICTION CENTER

Many years Scientists recorded sunspot activity find out a cycle of ~11.2 years but cannot have a solid explanation why sun polarity changes in this cycle of time. I of course cannot do better than them but recently find an interesting study related to:


Every 44.7714730 years (in 4 sunspot cycle Venus-Jupiter, Jupiter-Earth and Venus Earth conjuncted 69, 41 and 28 times) The movement of these three planets coherent with sunspot activity.

Credit to Clyde.J. Bollinger – Acedemcy of science for 1952


Every 44.7714730 years has four maximum period of sunspot therefore we can divided 4 evenly, ideally(as three planets move in difference speed), nearly 90 degree movment of aspects (0, 90, 180, 270)would produce a maximum sunpot cycle.

Further, 45 degree, half of 90 degree movement would produce the opposite cycle,the low sunspot rate period.



Ongoing of Clyde.J. Bollinger chart, the maximum sunspot activity recently are:


Jan 2014 : Conjunction of Jupiter Earth Venus, the peak of No.24 sunspot cycle(maximum Sunspot rate)

March 2025Square aspect of Jupiter to Earth Venus (Earth conjunct Venus) should be the peak of No.25 sunspot cycle

In previous report I mentioned the weak sunspot is coherence to market drop, March 2020 covid-19 breakout, 2008-2009 Lehman event, 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis, 1987 Black Monday…and 1932 The Great depression was the fiercest drop in record, at the time when W.D. Gann present.


It is trick to find the exactly highest or lowest period of sunspot by matching these three planets as they are spinning at different speed forming various aspect to others. This phenomenon may account for double peak or a longer/delayed of low area. Here is the nearest weak sunspot period:


April 1997 (Jupiter ~120/60 to Venus Earth opposite);Jan 1998 (Jupiter 144 to Venus Earth conjunction)

May-June 2008; March 2009 (Jupiter 135 with Venus Earth conjunct)

August 2019; May 2020 (Jupiter 45 with Venus Earth conjunct),

The next will be in October 2030(Jupiter 135/45 to Venus Earth opposite); August 2031(Jupiter 45 with Venus Earth Conjunct).


The effect of Covid-19 break out and Lehman events can be easily referred to DJI and S&P500, here I highlight the Asian Financial Crisis, to be fair we should find an Asian representative:

Asian Financial Crisis ; Heng Seng Index in 1997 to 1998, 53% drop


Every Black Swan event seems to be a sudden and unexpected news but usually the financial environment behind is already corrupted and turning weak before this black swan occur. And when most people losing their hope depressed in their painful loss, a new positive cycle has already begun silently.

I suspect the sunspot cycle is corelating to financial positive and negative movement, but the total picture of financial goodwill or dropdown of the whole world is not just reflected in indexes and points.

If Jupiter, Earth and Venus aspect corelating the cycle of sunspot activity, and sunspot rate is somehow coherence to “black swan event” causing crisis drop. Lucky we may study these three planets movement to trace this black swan. However, three combinations of planets with different kind of aspects are far enough cases to study...


As least, we are move to 2025 the sunspot maximum time. It may not reflect to DJI, S&P500 or others prominent Index but human or business activities should be recovering. Specially Saturn square Uranus, the aspect usually react “bad” to U.S. activities is passing away. If you are running business it is a good time for business growth and expansion of share or influence in related markets. (when saying recovering usually ,in before, we will see a series of painful process such as a large amount lay off of human power, shut down of factories and companies, write out of debt/increasing of debt…)

After a recovery and growth or we can say near the peak of growth, when people think they can take a rest, peace, enjoying their work done and profit, thinking a bright future is in front of us, environment often is already corrupted and turning down. What waiting us is a sudden event ignite the bomb.

I assume late 2030 to 2031 will have a financial crisis again.